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Can memory training improve my recall ability?

Memory training Course The demand for memory training skills is growing rapidly and is widely taught in schools, universities, institutions as well as in the corporate world today. How we remember things, is based on our skills for learning and remembering. We should … Continue reading

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The untold truth about memory loss in the elderly

Medical researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found that in old age men were 1.5 times more likely to suffer from some form of memory loss know as mild cognitive impairment, which research shows can, but does not always, lead … Continue reading

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Understanding the severity of alcohol memory loss!

  Medical research shows that overindulgence in alcohol can permanently damage your ability to remember everyday life. The more alcohol you consume, the more complete this memory loss may be. After a night of heavy consumption, you may not be … Continue reading

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Can anxiety memory loss be easily treated?

If you recognize yourself in some of the memory problems speically feature in short memory loss article, it is perfectly normal to be anxious and even embarrassed about it. It is also very normal to be afraid and deny what is happening. Often the … Continue reading

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How to control stress and memory loss?

Research shows that we remember things better if we know how to control our stress level. The relationship between stress and memory loss has been established by many studies. It is a fact that most of us have experienced a … Continue reading

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Memory loss causes – Do you know why you can’t remember things?

The causes of memory loss can range from nutritional deficiency or stress and anxiety to some serious conditions, like, tumors and neurodegenerative diseases. However, mild memory problems are quite common among the elderly. If you find yourself being more forgetful … Continue reading

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Short Memory Loss: What is normal and what is not!

Many people have trouble with short memory loss – this does not mean we have Alzheimer. In fact, most do not. There are memory problems that aren’t part of the aging, although the greatest known risk factor is increasing age … Continue reading

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How to manage short term memory loss?

Learning what is normal and abnormal memory loss in our previous article, you and your loved ones can consider some simple strategies to manage your short term memory loss here if you’re getting to be forgetful often. The first step … Continue reading

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