Can anxiety memory loss be easily treated?

If you recognize yourself in some of the memory problems speically feature in short memory loss article, it is perfectly normal to be anxious and even embarrassed about it. It is also very normal to be afraid and deny what is happening.

Often the true source of forgetfulness is not readily apparent and only a physician can help you diagnose the real cause of your memory loss.

For example, anxiety can cause memory loss. Anxiety is a feeling of extreme fear or apprehension.

When you become anxious, your body releases adrenaline into the bloodstream. This in turn causes your body to release cortisone, a stress hormone.

Cortisol remains in your body for a longer time, causing damage to your brain cells. It interrupts the neurotransmitters that carry communication to the brain from your body. This makes you to forget things.

How to help yourself to anxiety memory loss

  • Since anxiety is caused by stress it is therefore important to find some appropriate ways to minimize stress. You can try some stress relieving exercises, such as taking a short walk after lunch, dancing and squeezing a lemon are some of the effective stress relieving exercises. Getting a good night’s sleep, eating a balanced diet, getting a soothing massage, taking a warm bath, reading your favorite book or watching TV can help to reduce the stress levels.
  • Medications are available to treat anxiety. Benzodiazepines are the common medication used to treat anxiety memory loss.
  • Herbal treatment is also available to reduce anxiety. Passion flower is the best herb used to treat anxiety from ancient times. Valerian is another herb that can treat mild anxiety.  
  • Green tea offers a safe and natural remedy to anxiety. Chamomile and bugleweed are some other herbs used in the treatment of anxiety.  
  • Yoga, meditation and some holistic therapies can help to provide great relaxation.  
  • You need to avoid excessive usage of alcohol, overeating and overwork. You can get help to control these behaviors.
  • You need to build a stress free lifestyle. You can take part in events and activities to get rid of day to day stresses. You can plan a weekend getaway to exotic places, so that you can keep your mind in a relaxed state. 

In addition to these guidelines, there are memory supplements that will help improve memory and concentration.

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